What is Google Developer Link ?

Have you ever attended meetups or events expecting to meet your online friends ending up failure because you don't know their real faces ?
Google Developer Link is a service for developers that makes finding their online friends easier than ever before.

Google Developer Link is a service for developers to print their own profile and a QR code onto a paper which we call the "Social Card". Because Developer Link imports Google+ profile, you don't need hustle for all the registration procedure. You can add your preferred handle name too. Avatar and name will be printed large on the card, your online friends will easily recognize you at a distance.

You can print your Social Card via printer near you. Just cut out and put it into a card holder, and hang it from your neck when you're at an event. Now, offline-you and online-you are connected :) If you find familiar avatar at the event, why don't you talk to him ? It should be easy enough because the card's design emphasizes avatar and name. You will realize it also easy to find topics to talk with him about, because you already know him online!

If you happen to talk to someone you haven't followed yet, let's scan QR code on his Social Card using your smartphone. That brings you to his Google+ profile page so that you can follow him right there! If you find links on his profile, you may also friend him on other social networks. (Depending on user's profile settings, you may not be able to see all information on his profile.)

What kind of information does QR code include on Social Card ?
QR code includes the URL to Social Card owner's Google+ profile page. It depends on your profile settings and who accesses your profile page, what information will be displayed. If you are curious what others will see on your profile page, check out Google+ help page.
Are there any recommended QR code scanner app ?
You can use open sourced app called Barcode Scanner for example, if you are on Android. There's bunch of other free apps on both Android and iOS platform. Please try search.
I don't own a printer, how can I print ?
If you are living in Japan (and viewing this site in Japanese), Developer Link is integrated with NetPrint. NetPrint is a service from FUJI XEROX which you can upload docs and photos to print them on copy machines at Seven-Eleven.
You can print your Social Card by "Print via NetPrint" on Google Developer Link, then take notes of resulting reservation number, go to Seven-Eleven and enter that number to copy machine (costs 60 yen). Please refer to their homepage for further instructions.